Concrete VS Pavers

Concrete & Asphalt

Concrete and asphalt have traditionally been one of the most commonly used paving materials. Their low initial cost makes them an obvious choice for many home and business owners, but the inevitable cracking leads to far greater long-term costs, without any of the benefits pavers offer.

Cracked Concrete

Cracks in concrete are will almost inevitably happen at some point. Common causes of cracking are when the base moves due to settlement and roots or heavy equipment. Concrete can also crack as a result of expansion and contraction caused by changes in temperature. The reason contractors place joints in concrete pavements and floors is to encourage the concrete to crack in a neat, straight line, but this doesn't always happen. Cracks can randomly appear anywhere across the surface of the concrete.

Concrete Repairs

As new cracks form, one at a time, from year to year, it is often hard to perfectly match the color and composition of the original concrete. As such, the concrete surface gets uglier and uglier with each repair. The alternative to repairing concrete as it becomes more and more cracked is to replace the entire structure once the cracks become unbearable. By the time it's dismantled and properly disposed of, it will likely cost $8 to $11/square foot each time you have to replace it.

Stamped Concrete

Stamping concrete is a way of approximating the look associated with paving stone material. The “stamping” is done after the concrete has been poured, but before it hardens. Stamped concrete is usually tinted with standard colors that can be added to the concrete before it’s poured.

Unfortunately, the problems associated with cracking concrete are compounded by the addition of patterns and colors. Patching cracks with regular concrete creates unsightly scars, while trying to replace a cracked section with a new piece that exactly matches the pattern and color is nearly impossible.

Brick Pavers

Interlocking pavers can create an impressive driveway. They solve all the problems associated with cracked asphalt or concrete and they are appropriate for any paving application, including patios, pool decks, driveways and walkways. Because pavers are individual units or “bricks”, the natural joints "give" with pressure or the expansion and contraction that comes with temperature changes, thus eliminating the cracking inherent to conventional asphalt or concrete pavement.

Installed over a base of sand, pavers actually increase their structural capacity over time. With a minimum rating of 8000 psi, paving stones are one of the strongest materials available.

Endless Customization

One of the biggest advantages of pavers is that, if a repair ever does become necessary, pavers are manufactured to be uniform and can therefore easily be replaced without leaving an ugly patch or scar.

Brick Pavers come in a wide variety of finishes, colors and shapes that will complement and enhance the architectural style of any home or business. Moreover, a skilled installer can create a variety of laying patterns, further expanding the customization possibilities.

Other Advantages

  • Pavers do not require time to cure. Unlike concrete, which can take 3 to 5 days before it is ready for traffic, paver structures can be used immediately after installation.
  • The high number of joints in the surface facilitates the drainage of water. This enhances skid resistance and decreases nighttime glare.
  • If deformation or sinking should occur due to shifting of the base, the structure can easily be repaired by removing individual pavers, re-leveling, and then reinstalling the same pavers.
  • Traditional concrete, asphalt, brick and gravel pavements clearly pale in comparison to the beauty, durability and ease of maintenance that brick pavers provide.

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